Ad Agency:
FCB Inferno



‘What’s your Superpower?’ was a brilliant commercial concept that Mark Summers Casting was briefed to source the UK to find everyday ‘superheroes’ for an N POWER campaign. The Mark Summers Casting team were asked to find real people with special skills. 

Our team auditioned people from all over the UK with bizarre, clever and/or interesting skills. These included: Eyebrow dancing, pen spinning, weird & unusual gymnastics in the home, animal and cartoon voices, memory skills, balancing, animal and pet tricks, eye and bone popping, contortion, magic tricks using unusual items, tricks to jazz up your cooking or motivate your kids, origami, non-human noises, making music with your kitchen utensils, making a human table, limbo skating, balloon tricks, speaks super fast dancing with your fingers, pet tricks, percussion with your pots & pans, Weight-lifters who could lift families & pets all at once, people good at tongue twisters, Coffee Latte Art, fitting odd things in your mouth, ball tricks, gargling while singing opera. That list includes most of the skills our research team uncovered, but there were even more and of course many did not end up in the final edit. 

This fun casting process for real people took us 3 weeks to complete.