Walking on Sunshine – Feature Film

<< Back walking on sunshine – feature film Director: Max & Dania Production Co.: Vertigo Films Choreographer: Litza Bixler Walking on Sunshine – Feature Film Max & Dania, Vertigo Films, Litza Bixler Walking on Sunshine is set to the music of popular hit songs from the 1980s. Vertigo Films hired the team at Mark Summers … Read more

F&F by Tesco – Autumn

<< Back autumn Client: F&F by Tesco Director: Adam Mufti Production Co.: Hanrahan Ad Agency: Hanrahan Choreographer: Natricia Bernard Autumn F&F by Tesco, Adam Mufti, Hanrahan, Hanrahan, Natricia Bernard This Tesco commercial, advertising their clothing line F&F, was directed by skilled director Adam Mufti. It was choreographed by award winning choreographer Natricia Bernard (Katy Perry … Read more

Qualcomm – Airport

<< Back airport Client: Qualcomm Director: Ben Tricklebank Production Co.: TOOL OF NORTH AMERICA Ad Agency: DDB CA Airport Qualcomm, Ben Tricklebank, TOOL OF NORTH AMERICA, DDB CA This Qualcomm commercial is a look of the future. Directed by award winning director Ben Tricklebank and cast by casting director Mark Summers and his team.Casting in … Read more

JC Penny’s – Back to School

<< Back back to school 3 Client: JC Penny Production Co.: Believe Media Back to School 3 JC Penny, Believe Media This JC Penney’s Commercial was cast by Mark Summers Casting. Mark Summers and his team were tasked with finding male and female kids and teens with the ability to incorporate multiple dance styles; they … Read more

Three Olives Vodka – Silver

<< Back silver Client: Three Olives Vodka Director: Anthony Mandler Artist: James Taylor Production Co.: Believe Media Ad Agency: The Via Agency Silver Three Olives Vodka, Anthony Mandler, James Taylor, Believe Media, The Via Agency Award winning director Anthony Mandler (Justin Bieber ‘As Long as You Love Me’, Nicki Minaj ‘Starships’) explores Three Olives Vodka’s … Read more

Adidas – Folklore

<< Back FOLKLORE Client: Adidas Director: Rupert Saunders Production Co.: MJZ Ad Agency: TBC Folklore Adidas, Rupert Saunders, MJZ, TBC This Adidas commercial was directed by Rupert Sanders (Ghost in the Shell, Snow White and the Huntsman) and cast by award winning casting director Mark Summers and his team. We were tasked with finding ethnically … Read more

Milka Leo – Hypnosis

<< Back hypnosis Client: Milka Leo Ad Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky Production Co: RSA Films Hypnosis Milka Leo, Crispin Porter & Bogusky, RSA Films This fun commercial was for Milka, the Swiss chocolate brand. Casting for this commercial was done by award winning Mark Summers Casting and we were tasked with finding male and … Read more

Kia Soul – Bringing Down the House

<< Back BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE Client: Kia Soul Director: Carl Erik Rinsch Production Co.: Pretty Bird Ad Agency: David & Goliath Choreographer: Natricia Bernard Bringing Down the House Kia Soul, Carl Erik Rinsch, Pretty Bird, David & Goliath, Natricia Bernard This internet sensation for Kia Soul was directed by Carl Erik Rinsch and choreographed … Read more

Plus+ Telecommunications – Koszulka

<< Back koszulka Client: Plus+ Telecommunications Director: Michał Sabliński Production Co.: Papaya Films Ad Agency: 303 Koszulka Plus+ Telecommunications, Michał Sabliński, Papaya Films, 303 This commercial was directed by Michal Sablinski and casting was done by award winning casting director Mark Summers, and his team. For this commercial Mark and his team needed to find … Read more