West Coast Online April 26, 2021

Working Globally as an American

Award-winning Casting Director Mark Summers’ new class will focus on how American performers can work on the international stage. Film & TV production has become truly global & Mark will explain and elucidate the various markets open to you as an American performer. The class will be held on Zoom and run for 3 hours.

  • Working as an American performer overseas & how to get an agent
  • Understanding cultural differences, customs and traditions
  • Understanding local unions & individual markets
  • How to cast remotely
  • Embracing your look & making it work for you
  • Taking control of your international career
  • Understanding & genuinely embracing your casting type
  • Learning how to create new opportunities for yourself in the global arena
  • How to have the courage to direct your own career
  • Understanding the international & European markets
  • Creating positive, authentic bonds with casting directors & your agent, alongside industry professionals around the world
  • Overcoming inner blocks that stop you from shining
  • How to learn from rejection in a positive way & flow with the uncertainty of an actor’s life
  • How to create memorable self-tapes that are highly professional
  • Marketing, headshots, resumes, show reels & new media
  • From 6 PM to 9 PM GMT