Casting: World Bank - Bangladesh

Casting Director: Mark Summers Casting

Shooting Location: UK 

Project/Brand: World Bank

Casting Date: 21st June (SELFTAPE ONLY!)

Callback Date: TBC

Shooting Dates: 4th-5th July




BSF: £450 (includes internal usage / presentations) -10hr shoot.
Fittings: £50 (30min – 1hr max)
Wardrobe will be provided but if own clothes are worn then an allowance of £45 per person.

Travel can be expensed to and from Studio (Twickenham Studios) via Uber for shoot only (pending artists location)
 not for fitting or callbacks if shortlisted

The plan is to run this online after the initial Usage if the spots are well received.

Option 1: 6 months Online WW-including social media – £1000

Option 2: 1 years Online WW-including social media- £1500


Please only suggest talent that are happy with the rates & terms.




Female playing age 30’s
We are looking for a woman who is poor but looks after her appearance and dresses neatly. She is proud and would never complain. She spends 4 hours getting to and from work. She works in a dress factory and is skilled in her work.  She lives in a slum because she has recently moved from the countryside. She is intelligent and could easily pick up new skills if she were trained. She has a daughter who she has left with her mother in her village.
Must have a Bangladeshi accent!

Male playing age 40’s
We are looking for a rickshaw driver who spends all day hustling for work in the centre of Dhaka. Wiry, sweaty  and unkempt from being in the streets all day. His clothes might have been smart once but are now dirty and oily. He is bright eyed, very alert and street savvy.
Must have a Bangladeshi accent!

Male playing age 30’s
We are looking for farm worker, hardworking, weather-beaten characterful face, physically strong. He is bearded, wears a loose cotton shirt and wears a skullcap.
Must have a Bangladeshi accent!

Male playing age 40’s
We are looking for someone who is self-made, matter of fact direct. He wears smart-casual clothing.
English – Can have any English accent!

Female playing age 50’s
We are looking for a banker who is well spoken and has strong opinions on what needs to happen. She is neat, well groomed hair. She could wearing a sari or a dress suit.
Must have a Bangladeshi accent!



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