Casting: Leading Women's Shaving Brand

Casting Director: Mark Summers Casting

Shooting Location: SOUTH AFRICA

Project/Brand: Leading Women’s Shaving Products

Casting Date: 8th & 10th July 2024

Callback Date: 26th July (LATE AFTERNOON/ EVENING)

Shooting Dates: 26th July – 3rd August 2024



BSF: £600
Travel/Rest day/Rehearsal/Fitting: £300

USAGE: £13,000

Talent Usages:
Product: Leading Women’s Shaving Products
Territory: Global
Term: 2 Years
Media: All Media. Stills/Lifts for Digital/Internet/Emerging Media only (no ink-to-paper print). Unlimited images. All Media includes (but not limited to) All broadcast, digital, Industrial use but is not limited to in-store, trade shows, sales meetings, award shows, conventions, videos placements, press releases, etc. Internet use (Worldwide) which shall include all electronic media or any other digital delivery platform whether now known or unknown, including stills from shoot for digital/online use – not limited to any websites, Apps, QR codes, New Media and interactive, social media, third party websites and/or any other delivery platforms, podcasts, delivery to mobile phones and any other online media.


  • Usage only if talent is featured and if/when campaign starts.
  • Includes all materials derived from the shoot. Includes, without limitation, unlimited edits, lifts, and versions.
  • Multiple edits/versions – 30’s, 20’s, 15’s, 6’s – country/product specific variations of the edits.
  • Covers all edits/formats/versions/tags and cut downs and all/any products in the product brand range.
  • Covers all/any country specific variations of the edit.
  • Covers all film formats/variations of online digital posts, including but not limited to commercial content, stills, frame grabs, pre-rolls, banners, e-commerce, tags, GIFs, etc.
  • Unlimited stills and screen grabs/ lifts from film.
  • Client able to re-edit, reuse and repurpose the media during the 2 year period.
  • The usages are limited to this campaign.
  • Start date Feb 25, although can be within 7 months of last shoot date. No holding fees will be paid. Client reserve the right to unbundle the region and term package for renewals and buy usages country/duration specific.
  • Standard 110% escalation will apply for the second term.
  • All Agents to sign the International Agency Contract.
  • The usages does not allow for staggered flighting, it must be concurrent in all countries/regions, and/or
  • If the start date is staggered, the start date in the first country, and the end date in the last country cannot exceed a two-year period.


  • If the shoot-day order change then the shoot/downday fees will just switch.
  • 12hr shooting days inc of lunch – no early call fees – calls can be 5/6am in SA. 
  • All talent will have a guaranteed two days of shooting, possibly three depending on the shoot schedule. 
  • If we choose to postpone the shoot to the Weatherday, then that day will become the higher shoot day fee and the downday due to weather becomes the lower standby fee. 
  • We’ll most likely need to record clean VO in a sound studio on the Weatherday 2 Aug. We’ll need no more than 2 hours per talent. This is still a half-day fee at £300. 
  • All talent attending the casting must have a valid passport that allows entry into South Africa without a visa. With at least 6 months still valid, and 6 blank pages. 
  • Per Diems: R900 per day paid cash-in-hand on the first day of arrival. 
  • 4-Star Hotel
  • Ground Travel will be provided. 
  • Economy Flight to Cape Town (due to the fact that we’re flying them economy, we’ll give them a rest day when they arrive). 
  • Flights/Airlines to be determined by the Production Company.

Please only suggest talent that are happy with the rates & terms.



We are casting for a leading women’s shaving brand, and we are looking for several different skin types! However all women must be able to deliver 
Please see below the shaving references & ideas – We are looking for all types of women and all types of skin, skin differences or skin conditions – Dry, hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs, rashes, moles, birthmarks, shaving bumps, body hair etc! We are open to any ideas! 
Women will need to cast in a bikini or suitable underwear as below. And it is better to have some hair growth in all areas!. This commercial requires you to shave.



Female Playing age 18-26
Women of Black & Mixed Black heritage.
Fun, GenZ type, that love making GRWM videos for social media! Ideally looking for dry skin, but open to other skin.