Casting World Cup

CASTING DIRECTOR: Mark Summers Casting


PROJECT/BRAND: World Cup Idents

SHOOTING DATES: 30th – 2nd Sept

Fittings: 25/26th Aug

CASTING DATE: 10/11/12th Aug 

CALLBACK: 17th Aug – £50 Per Talent



Shoot Fee BSF: £350 Adult (10 hour day inc.1 hour break)
Shoot Fee BSF: £180 Child


ADULT: £4,500 for 1 month TV ident sponsorship (ITV/STV including VOD)
CHILD: £1,000 for Child (ITV/STV including VOD)

Overtime: 20% of the daily fee per hour following the 10th hour.
Wardrobe call: £50 (if required)
Chaperone: £90
Licenses: £35

Rehearsals/Rest/Isolation/Travel day’s: 50% of daily fee (if required)
Night shoots should be scheduled and rates agreed by the Artist at the time of booking the Artist.

Rates are inclusive of all agency fees.

Primary Media: UK
Secondary Media: Worldwide (by nature of the internet)

(NB: Online use in Primary media shall be targeted to only that territory but geolocking may not be in place)
Primary Media: Sponsorship Ident videos are 1 month of use and stand alone (without sponsorship message) videos are 6 months of use.
Secondary Media: In perpetuity

Option to extend use of the Campaign Materials (limited to the stand alone online videos) on Youtube only, for a second period of 6 months, in the Territory upon payment of £1500 (ADULT) OR £250 (CHILD.)
£1500 for 6 months youtube/ online of stand alone videos (without sponsorship message)
£250 for 6 months youtube/ online of stand alone videos (without sponsorship message)

All recorded footage which shall include the commercial/s, idents, digital executions and;
Master advertising commercial/s including all alternative edits and additional footage, each including unlimited cutdowns, alternative edits, vignette application, international versions.
Behind the scenes recordings and photographs.
Use of stills/screen lifts from footage for print materials. Use of audio recordings from original footage for radio and online mediums.
All forms of audio-visual media and communications including without limitation, all forms of television broadcast (including but not limited to analogue, freeview, satellite, video on demand), cinema, all manner of online and digital media (including but not limited to pre-roll, banner advertising), mobile, in store, OOH (including but not transport advertising, events, festivals, digital and static displays),and any and all electronic media whether now or hereafter invented without restriction; And all forms of static and still print media and all forms of broadcast radio (including but not limited to digital online radio such as Spotify)

All forms of PR, including but not limited to editorial (across print, broadcast, Internet and events), show reels, internal communications, investor communications, education and training, programme editorial, film festivals, trade fairs, exhibitions (and other internal – not primary – advertising purposes), and archiving purposes;
Anomaly and Client’s websites (to include Anomaly and Client controlled and branded web pages), group company websites and intranets; and All Anomaly and production contributors promotion including awards ceremonies, associated websites and DVDs, show reels and digital archive for the avoidance of doubt, secondary media is non-paid, un-promoted uses only.

During the Primary Media Term, the Artist will not provide their services in connection with any form of advertising, marketing or promotional activity in respect of the Brands Competitors. Competitors will be defined when the Artist is confirmed and contracted.
Shoot Fees paid 45 days on receipt of a valid invoice.
Usage fee payable within 45 days of confirmation of first use and receipt of a valid invoice.









Young Girl: Playing age 6-10 years

She is cute & expressive, full of charm, she is a bit of a bookworm but has found her voice with football.


Dad: Playing age 40-42

His is warm & caring, maybe he has a big physical job, like an ambulance worker.


Stylish Millennial Female: Playing age 30-35 

She could be a journalist/aspiring writer. She needs to be expressive and be able to get caught up by the moment.


Suspense Man: Playing age 30-35 

He should have a warm and caring presence.He has taken the more business-y path in life, though he’s relaxed today.


Joy Woman:Playing age 20-25 

She has just recently moved out, but at home for this special occasion. She’s amazed and fully embracing the quirks of her messy family.


Joy Family: Aunts, Uncles & cousins, Playing age 25-55 

Fun, good personalities.


Joy Teens: Playing age 16 -19- must be over license age 

Fun, good personalities.


Loyalty Woman: Playing age 60-75 

Relaxed and positive outlook on life and you can tell she’s had a joyful and exciting life. The type of person that can hold up a conversation with anyone in the pub, genuine and fun.


Loyalty Man: Playing age 60-75 

He’s her eclectic sidekick. You can tell it’s been a long time relationship between them and that they treasure their traditions and football rituals.


Kinship Man 1: Playing age 60-65
He has withdrawn from the city and now living his best life on the countryside. He’s got a relaxed demeanor but still shows his passion to the things he love.

Kinship Man 2: Playing age 60-65
He’s curious and likes being on the go. In his retirement he enjoys the everyday 
adventures and would rather be out than staying at home.

Spirit Man: Playing age 19-23
An expressive eclectic character that’s passionate and excited, and he’s 
comfortable and familiar with the neighbours he’s celebrating with.

Awe Man: Playing age 25-35
One in his friend group that everyone come to for help. The quiet one of the 
bunch but when he does crack a joke it’s always clever or funny.

Awe Friends Playing age 25-35
Friends in the group, always up for a laugh.

Power Friends (any gender): Playing age 21-25
Living in Bristol decided not to move to london after uni! 
Any real friends will be cute!!


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