Casting Call: Fashion Sports Brand

CASTING DIRECTOR: Mark Summers Casting


PROJECT/BRAND: Sports fashion brand

SHOOTING DATES: 17/18/19(1 -day M25 Area )

CASTING DATE: Thursday 3rd Aug Studio Session

FITTING: Thursday 11th Aug 22 AM London

CALLBACK: Thursday 11th Aug 22 AM London




Shoot days: £400 per day
Rehearsal day (inc. wardrobe) if required: £200

Separate wardrobe call if required: £50

Shoot: 10 plus 1hr for lunch
OT: 20% per hr.
Travel The Agency will provide all necessary travel within London area, or by train from other parts of the UK.


Buyout: 1

Moving film

1 year from date of first useonline only (non paid advertising)

digital social media (non paid advertising) 

All forms of internet and online use £1200 (with 20% agency included)


DIGITAL: All Digital/Interactive Media including but not limited to Internet, social media platforms, banners, videos, web and services like E-commerce, online advertising, apps and other interactive media including those not yet invented. All edits/versions/Lifts
PR & Corporate

Use of Campaign Materials including stills/screen grabs for:
i) PR, all forms of editorial, internal communications and trade marketing.
ii) Agency and creative third parties showreels and self-promotion including awards, case studies, websites and social media.
PR & Corporate use shall be worldwide in perpetuity.
INTERNAL and ARCHIVAL USE: All Internal Communications and adidas archives, showreels and self- promotion including awards and case studies, Corporate Communications including compilation films and any posts on social media channels/websites

2nd year Option (Moving Media) Online only – £1500 plus 10%

Print Option
Buy out 2 Option ( TBC)

If required, the Artist consents to being used in an associated Stills campaign. Additional photography shoot on the day if required:
This will be stills captured on the shoot day as directed by the Agency & photographer.

Global Digital and Social for a period of 1 year from date of first use. usage fee £1500

Print year 2
Year 2 print only £1500 PLUS 10%

In-store Option(TBC)

If required, the Artist consents to the content (moving and stills) being used instore for a period of 1 year from date of first use. RETAIL/POS: All Promotion/Retail/POS (including moving image) media including but not limited to catalogues, in-store magazines, brochures, in-store posters, graphics, manuals, direct marketing, direct mailings, videos, events, giveaways, samples, wobblers, promotional packs, displays and floor stickers, i.e. any material used to promote at the point of sale and in partner gyms including but not limited to store windows.

Global Usage fee £5000

Japan only Usage fee £1500

Year 2

Option to extend use of the Campaign Materials for 2nd year as follows: Global Usage fee £5000 PLUS 10%
Japan only Usage fee £1500 PLUS 10%






Playing age 18-30
Very Cool looking very now , Gen-z types those with that inner cool vibe

We want to capture a diverse range of models all genders and ethnicities We encourage inclusion, all races, cultural backgrounds, & sexual orienations .

models should comfortable with light running / jogging/ movement – but do not have to be athletes.


Suggestions to:
Instagram: @marksummerscasting

Please Note: All casting requirements are based on what our client has requested and not the view or wishes of Mark Summers Casting or any of its agents or partners. This brief is not to be copied/ removed or posted on to any other site without written authorization from Mark Summers Ltd or it will be considered a breach of copyright.