Casting: Brand X (Pharma)

Casting Director: Mark Summers Casting

Shooting Location: SPAIN

Shooting Dates: 6th – 15th June 2024

Project/Brand: Brand X (Pharma)

Casting Date: Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th May 2024 – STUDIO CASTING ONLY!

Callback Date: 22nd/23rd May 2024

Please only suggest talent that are happy with the rates & terms & that hold a vaild passport.




BSF: £500 PER DAY 


ALL Moving Media (US)+Print (US+Canada) 2 yrs (all internet WW by nature) 

Exclusivity for Cancer Treatments
£13, 500 

  • Per Diems: £50
  • Travel: Taxis to and from UK airports 
  • Hours: 12hrs Shooting day inc of lunch. 
  • Hours are call time to wrap not travel. 
  • Overtime based on 20% per hour. 
  • Recall fee £50 flat fee per person.

Taxis and Per diems will likely be required to add to invoice.

Please only suggest talent that are happy with the rates & terms & that hold a vaild passport.



This is a very sensitive action, we are looking for strong actors, as we will need to see some very raw emotions, that includes crying.

The stories are all about women living with Cancer.

Playing age 40-45 years old, Ilana settled down earlier, before marrying someone she genuinely loved. She received her diagnosis a few months after her second child was born. Even with a house filled with family, she feels alone sometimes.

Playing age 40-45 years old. Heritage, Latin/LatinX. Cecilia is a therapist who refuses to let cancer force her into being a homebody. Plus she’d rather listen to other people’s problems than deal with her own. With the exception of her partner, she hasn’t told anyone about her diagnosis. She feels guilty about it, but making it real is not something she’s ready to handle quite yet.

Playing age 60-65 years old, southeast Asian/mixed Asian heritage. 
She has been married to her husband for 38 years and is known to friends and family for her biting sarcasm!! Her sense of humor remains, but her family isn’t laughing the way they used to and for Jamie It’s a constant reminder that she’s sick.

Playing age 60-65 years, Michelle’s parents owned a small restaurant when she was a kid, so she’s been working in kitchens for as long as she can remember. She now has her own farm-to-table restaurant and has been very successful as a chef. She also has a small sustainable farm where she grows produce for the restaurant, and a stable for her horses. She tries to spend as much time as she can at the restaurant and with her favorite horse, Penelope, to avoid intrusive thoughts.

Playing age 50-52 years, Indian heritage,  married with two kids with one teenage daughter still living there. Brenda’s on the verge of becoming a grandmother. She’s checked every box there is to check. Even though she knows she’s lucky to have lived a full life, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s scared. Up until six months ago, she had never been unemployed. Not even through college. That’s the part that had Brenda feeling the most out of whack. So much of her identity is wrapped up in the idea of going to work every day, having to take a step back had her wondering what she could bring to the table now.

Playing age 50-55 years old, Black & Mixed black heritage 
Aida, is starting to lose her hair, which is especially difficult to deal with because her wavy jet black hair was her calling card when she was young. She can’t tell how obvious it is to others, but she’s been feeling more self-conscious lately.



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